The SPECTOR Solution


Currently geologists are spending 50% of their time entering data instead of analyzing core. Their days are spent doing slow, repetitive and mundane tasks instead of utilizing the specialist skills they were hired for. Geologists are highly trained, expensive and in demand and due to the current core logging process are not being utilized efficiently and to their full potential.

The SPECTOR Solution

KORE has designed SPECTOR a fully integrated system that improves consistency, quality and timeliness of geological data captured so that geologists and engineers can spend less time acquiring data, more time interpreting data and ultimately make better more informed decisions.

SPECTOR is made up of three key pillars, SPECTOR instrumentation, SPECTOR the software & SPECTOR AI.


SPECTOR Optics is an efficient, intuitive core imaging system, which rapidly captures high-resolution photos.

Our system has the ability to acquire core at 1,000 meters per day and can work with a wide range of core box shapes. SPECTOR Optics images are acquired with a resolution of 100 micro-meters per pixel.

KORE process as featured below: 


SPECTOR Geo is a desktop software application which is KORE’s hub for analysing data in a remote and collaborative fashion.

Using SPECTOR Geo, the geologist is able to depth reference their core, log lithology, alteration, and veins, and pick geotechnical features such as fractures and faults. The software provides simple, intuitive touch gestures to log your core with ease.

SPECTOR Geo is designed to allow for fluid remote logging and collaboration with team members anywhere in the world all working off the same central database. 

The software is powered by AI, which is used to automate repetitive tasks.


SPECTOR AI is a suite of cloud-based AI products that perform different tasks. Currently, we have models to segment rock, classify lithology and alteration, detect veins and localize fractures.

All AI predictions are generated in the cloud after an image uploaded from SPECTOR Optics and can be visualized, accepted, or corrected in SPECTOR Geo.

The AI models are regularly trained and with more data accumulating over time and corrections made by the geologist, SPECTOR AI learns and improves accuracy.  

Newmont Goldcorp’s $1 million investment in KORE has acted as a catalyst, accelerating their product development pipeline. The initial pilot of the hardware and machine learning software has shown good prediction of geological attributes and we look forward to KORE continuing to customize their product to support site-specific needs.

Erin Workman

Early Stage Study Director, Goldcorp

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