SPECTOR rapidly captures high-resolution depth referenced images, automates the process of core logging (by generating rock attribute predictions, from lithology to alteration and RQD logging) and transfers processed data across affiliate platforms (Acquire, Leapfrog).


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SPECTOR was designed to provide a more flexible and enjoyable environment for your engineers and geologists. We answer all your questions, below. Should you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Core logging process

1. What is SPECTOR?

SPECTOR is an integrated technology platform offering high-quality core imagery, geologist-centric visual core logging software, and AI tools to automate various logging tasks. SPECTOR streamlines the core logging process making it faster, reproducible, and more consistent while enabling remote logging.

2. Can SPECTOR help geologists log core faster and more consistently?

SPECTOR provides rapid, high-resolution, image acquisition, enabling fast data entry and consistent geological logging, thus helping geologists to streamline the core logging process. Additionally, the software + AI helps you input your data faster, while the AI models assist you to log more consistently by providing a second expert opinion during logging.

3. Who benefits most from streamlining the core logging process at a mine site?

Geologists become more productive and have more time for interpretation, as they can now log core 10 times faster. The mining company benefits from consistent data for modeling and resource estimation, facilitating the decision process. Overall, faster core logging with the possibility of remote work is a great cost saver and increases talent retention and motivation.

4. SPECTOR Optics changes my workflow?

SPECTOR is automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks. You will log your core faster, more accurately, and consistently and you can do it remotely, saving significant travel costs, while spending more time with your family.

5. I have a backlog of core. Can you help?

Our clients are saving money and time while employing professional core-logging geologists trained to utilize the SPECTOR suite of solutions. Inquire today about our core logging services on demand, for the mining sites where you are short-staffed.

6. What is the benefit of remote core logging?

Remote core logging translates into less travel and optimized logistics and operations, reducing the cost significantly while increasing team motivation and retention. At the same time, increases collaboration, as more geologists can work on the same hole.

7. What are the benefits of using SPECTOR Optics in the core shack?

It would replace taking photos and attaching the metadata (box number and names), making the data entry process, file, and storage simpler. Our stats show us SPECTOR can process over 1,000 meters of core/shift. Capturing higher-quality photos will facilitate remote logging. Better data allows more accurate AI processing and exporting across industry software.

8. Are you providing training and support?

Absolutely, we have a dedicated team that will analyze your workflow and core logging process, train your staff and provide troubleshooting assistance 24/7.

9. I am short on staff for core logging. Do you provide core logging services?

We provide an end-to-end core logging service: scanning, logging, and data processing using machine learning to predict rock type, lithology, and alteration, supported by our seasoned geologists.

10. I have specific workflows in my company. Can I customize the views and buttons in the SPECTOR GEO software?

Yes, SPECTOR GEO software is fully customizable to your needs. How? During the discovery process, we focus on your specific needs and workflows, creating a requirement matrix reflected in a seamless user experience.

11. Who has access to my data? How can I control the results when different geologists work on the same project?

Your project team will decide, at all times, the different levels of access and control for every project. Our dedicated support team will be happy to provide assistance and best practices, every step of the way.

12. Is your software able to integrate my legacy data?

Absolutely. We specialize in retrieving historic logs and geochemistry from a third-party database.

13. I have an archive of legacy data. What is the process of importing and extracting value from legacy data?

We have developed BOXNET, a data-agnostic software specialized in importing structured and unstructured data, from different scanning systems and storage environments. The process is fully automated and can relog entire projects in minutes

14. How many images do I need to load before the system can generate predictions?

Our software tools are designed to incorporate your data dynamically, learning continuously and improving the predictions.

Core analyzing AI technology & integration across industry software

1. What is the value of AI?

We have developed an end-to-end solution streamlining the core logging process, using AI (machine learning) that helps automate and identify lithology, alteration, veining and, more. The value of AI is to give you a complete and accurate picture, updating your models faster and consistently, avoiding the risk of misclassifying your material and delaying crucial decision-making.

2. Is SPECTOR integrated with other geological software?

The SPECTOR solution is fully integrated with LEAPFROG, enabling fast, interactive, and consistent data modeling, so your geologists and mining professionals have access to faster, high-quality data ensuring the mining operations run smoothly.

3. I have legacy images stored by IMAGO. Can I use SPECTOR to further model my data?

We have developed the technology to import your legacy data from different storage environments. With SPECTOR, you streamline the core logging process, depth-referencing, AI auto logging, and validation.

4. How will you support the SPECTOR users long-term, on multiple mining sites?

We are part of a group of companies with 25 years of mining experience, with hundreds of end-to-end projects across the mining ecosystem, on all 7 continents. Our SPECTOR suite was developed to support mining professionals long-term, amidst challenging, remote mining sites and extensive production operations. Our focus is to ensure a fast, accurate, and consistent core logging process.


1. How much does it cost to implement SPECTOR?

Our price models are based on volume and services. Each project is different, and we provide you with a detailed price quote, after assessing your current workflow and needs. Please contact us to start the discovery process.

Safety and Data Management

1. Where is your/our data stored? What countries? Is it geo-redundant?

The client data related to images and logging/branches data is stored close to the project’s geolocation and its geo-redundant.

2. How often does the data get backed up? Is the backup separate to the primary services?

Azure Storage has options for us to restore the data. So we enabled it to backup up to 365 days

3. How long will it take to recovery data in the advent of a cyber-attack?

We use Microsoft Azure Cloud for Enterprise security. We enabled version control to take regular backups. In case of attacks, we have steps to disable public access to data and/or bring the services down until we do further investigation.

4. What is your cybersecurity policy?

Secure Software with string authentication and authorization protocols from Microsoft. We have SSL certificates installed on our servers and also our websites are configured to use that. Review administrative accounts and privileges quarterly. Adhere to strong password complexity rules. Security keys are regenerated every year and are assigned with minimum required privileges. Encrypt data wherever we have confidential data. Enable any available application logging that would assist in a forensic investigation in the event of a compromise.

5. How long do you retain data backups?

We typically back up data to restore it from the last 365 days.

6. I have a poor Internet connection at the mine site. How can I use the SPECTOR OPTICS scanning system?

We are one step away from making the app work in complete offline mode. At this moment, once a hole is created, the rest of the steps to upload scans and other related data can be done 100% offline.