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Our clients tell us SPECTOR is consistently saving them time and money. We are collecting some of their quotes and referrals, and sharing with you our case studies and success stories.

Spencer Dormer

Spencer Dormer

Co-Founder Dynamics G-Ex

If you could photograph, log, and classify your core faster, better, and more...

If you could photograph, log, and classify your core faster, better, and more consistently, wouldn’t you? Dynamics' collaboration with KORE GeoSystems is another step toward building world-class core shed workflows for Miners and Explorers globally.

Jamie McPolin

Jamie McPolin

Field Operations Supervisor Australia

For me, SPECTOR is the perfect geological partner, revolutionizing core yards...

For me, SPECTOR is the perfect geological partner, revolutionizing core yards & improving geological understanding worldwide. Core logging is transformed, into consistent accurate data capture, improved workflow, removal of bottlenecks, and reduced cost. All quick and easy, simply a touch of a button! Freeing up Geologist’s valuable time, and allowing them to focus on hitting that next discovery, keeping me and all of the mine-based personally gainfully employed long-term. SPECTOR Optics is a great machine and I believe a total game changer for mining in Australia and worldwide.

Erin Workman

Erin Workman

Early Stage Study Director Newmont Goldcorp

The initial pilot of the hardware and machine learning software has shown good...

The initial pilot of the hardware and machine learning software has shown good prediction of geological attributes and we look forward to KORE continuing to customize their product to support site-specific needs. As a result, Newmont Goldcorp’s invested in KORE, which acted as a catalyst, accelerating their product development pipeline.

Timothy Fraser

Timothy Fraser

Senior Geologist Australia

We're planning to start a diamond drilling program just outside Kalgoorlie. We are...

We're planning to start a diamond drilling program just outside Kalgoorlie. We are hoping to integrate the Kore system on day 1. The area is very underexplored with very little geology data on record. I am documenting our usage of the SPECTOR system, how it integrates, and most importantly where it improves costs and efficiency throughout the 'discovery' process. I've been an advocate for any technology that can help deliver consistency to the exploration process and believe you guys have finally delivered the Trump card. From the perspective of the Senior Geologist/Exploration Manager, I believe people should adopt this technology into their workflows, as Geologists stand to benefit greatly from a consistent approach to data.

  • Project : Remote Core Logging
  • Status : Complete, New project continues
  • Client : Canada (Confidential)
  • Project timeline : 2019 - 2022
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Project Description: Logging core 10 times faster

“When I first started this project, I was manually logging one hole per day. As I started using SPECTOR Geo, the automated lithology prediction feature enabled me to be more consistent and to classify the rock faster. After 2 weeks of, using SPECTOR Geo my efficiency has increased by 10X and I can log up to 3-4 holes per day. I am also able to work remotely, travel less, and I am happy to spend more time with my family.” (Steve Reese, geologist)

Benefits of remote core logging:

  • Geologist-centered, intuitive core logging workflows.
  • Core logging tools, allowing geologists to process core.
  • Integrates with AI to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Enables remote logging, increasing flexibility and savings.
  • Imports legacy photography, into a structured format.
  • Integrates with affiliate platforms (Acquire, Leapfrog).
  • Project : AI Assisted Core Logging
  • Status : Complete
  • Client : Newmont
  • Project timeline : 2019
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Project Description: Testing SPECTOR in Extreme, Remote Conditions

The objective of the Newmont - Goldcorp project was to support the fast core logging, at a large-scale mining project in Chile, where an extensive re-logging and re-sampling campaign was underway. Logistically, the team was able to transport and operate SPECTOR Optics in extreme conditions, uploading thousands of meters of photography to the Cloud, from a patchy Wi-Fi, while geologists were logging core remotely, from an office in Toronto.

During the validation and testing stage, over 25,000, of core imagery was acquired, at up to 1,500 m/day. Data quality and consistency was evaluated and confirmed by client. Instrumentation passed the reliability and durability test, in extreme conditions.

Benefits of AI-Assisted Core Logging:

  • Software assisting geologists with core logging and validation confirmed speed, productivity and consistency of data acquisition.
  • Encrypted data was stored and managed from the secure Cloud.
  • The team of geologists deployed AI to prepare and classify lithology and alteration from acquired image data and confirmed the assumptions that AI can function as an assistant to the geologist, streamlining the core logging and classification process.
  • Project : Using SPECTOR Optics to Image the Core
  • Status : On-going
  • Client : Australia
  • Project timeline : 2022 - Ongoing
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“I am delighted to collaborate with the innovative team at Dynamics G-Ex Kalgoorlie and assist with the roll-out of the game-changing KORE GeoSystems` SPECTOR. This is a unique productive collaboration of innovation both at Dynamics Kalgoorlie yard and out in the field, product development & testing.

I believe that SPECTOR has an equivalent potential to revolutionize core yards & improving geological understanding worldwide. Core logging is transformed, into consistent accurate data capture, improved workflow, removal of bottlenecks, and reduced cost. All quick and easy, simply a touch of a button!” Jamie McPolin, Field Operations Supervisor, Australia

Benefits of Imaging Core using SPECTOR Optics:

  • Captures calibrated, high resolution, wet and dry images.
  • Images over 1,000m of core/shift.
  • Data stored in a secure cloud.
  • Images and productivity metrics are available immediately.
  • Ergonomic, intuitive, and easy to use.

SPECTOR for Geologists

On mine sites across the globe, geologists and technicians spend endless hours logging core, completing geotechnical studies, lifting, retrieving, and storing core boxes, while manually entering and managing the data from the core. A highly repetitive, all-manual task, often performed in unsafe or improper conditions, resulting in a slow, painful and expensive process, all so common in the mining ecosystem.

SPECTOR is an integrated technology platform offering high-quality core imagery, geologist-centric visual core logging software, and AI tools to automate various logging tasks. SPECTOR streamlines the core logging process making it faster, reproducible, and more consistent while enabling remote logging.

Benefits of using SPECTOR:

  • SPECTOR Optics is a core imaging system that eliminates repetitive, time-consuming tasks, reducing manual, and low-value work by 70%.
  • SPECTOR GEO, the core processing software, permits faster logging and data consistency. Geologists now have a tool that guarantees superior logging results.
  • Data accessible in the cloud allows teams to work together, irrespective of location, reducing travel and associated expenses and ensuring fewer errors are committed.
  • SPECTOR GEO facilitates legacy data acquisition and standardizing. Old data is imported, cleaned, and processed, retrieving valuable drilling efforts, and reducing the necessity of re-logging core.
  • SPECTOR integrates with industry tools like Acquire and Leapfrog, allowing teams to further process data for better interpretations and predictions.

SPECTOR for Mining Professionals

The post-COVID-19 landscape calls for new processes and new technologies, while nurturing high-performance teams, looking for increased points of information, so they can address barriers that prevent speed to market. As leadership is looking to use the cutting-edge technologies available today to increase profitability and employee satisfaction, none of those can be effectively deployed overnight.

Mining companies need experimented partners and a realistic road map for implementing change. KORE GeoSystems is an industry partner with 25 years of mining experience, able to anticipate and meet industry specifications, quality demands, and speed to get the job done.

Benefits of using SPECTOR:

  • SPECTOR promotes interoperability and collaboration, reducing the disconnect between information collected at the mine site and what gets aggregated over time
  • Our SERVICES are aiming to address the unique challenges mining companies are currently facing: rapidly accumulating drill core backlog, personnel shortages, and logistics associated with travel.
  • Using our SPECTOR solution and our professional geological and data science services is enabling business process continuity, and overall saving money and time.
  • Reducing the time between drilling, data processing, and reporting with as much as 90%
  • SPECTOR is saving you money. How? By logging core at a faster rate (1000 meters/day, compared with 100 meters/day of manual work).
  • Enhancing safety, by reducing the need for geologists to travel, eliminating logistical and HSE problems, as they can now interpret data from their home office.


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Winner of Disrupt Mining 2017

Disrupt Mining is a catalyst to accelerate innovation and bridge the gap between mining and technology. Disrupt Mining sent out an international call for disruptive technologies and received 170 submissions. Five finalists were selected to pitch competing innovations to a "shark-tank" style panel of industry titans, in front of 1000 mining executives, investors and financiers, to win $1.000.000 capital opportunity to bring their disuption to mining. We were selected as a top 5 finalist and went on to win the competition and secure a $1.000.000 investement from Goldcorp.

The Disrupt Mining competition is designed to accelerate the pace of innovation in mining by rewarding disruptive new ideas with financial investment and encouragement. But what happens after the oversized novelty cheques are awarded and the lights of the glitzy award ceremony go down? That is when the real work begins.

KORE GeoSystems won Disrupt Mining 2017 with a proposal to develop a next-generation visual core logging technology that streamlines and automates workflows in the core shack. The Ontario-based company received an investment boost from Newmont Goldcorp and an agreement to support field trials of the Spector system at a project in Chile.

Listed in CIM 2018 “Names to Know in Mining”

KORE GeoSystems was included on CIM 2018 “Names to Know in Mining”, alongside the most promising products and services servicing the Mining & Metals Industry.

2019 Good Design Award Winner

KORE GeoSystems took home a product design award in the Commercial and Industrial category for its core logging product SPECTOR

Australias's annual Goood Design Awards program is one of the oldest and most prestigious international design awards in the world, promoting excellence in design and innovation since 1958. It is recongnized by the World Design Organization (WDO) as Australia's peak international design endorsement program.

The Good Design Awards represent the diverse spectrum of design with 10 specific Design Disciplines, spanning 28 Categories. Through our annual Good Design Awards program, we proudly showcase superior examples of good design to a national and international audience.

Victorian Premier's Design Award - Best in Category - Product Design 2019

The importance of design in industry is highlighted in this year's Victorian Premier's Design Award which highlighted the benefits design brings to manufactures. Judges by an expert panel of 27 independent judges from a field of more than 200 projects, several manufactures won Best in Category awards including KORE GeoSystems.