Case Study: newmont Goldcorp

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Newmont Goldcorp Objective

The overall objective was to improve consistency, quality and timeliness of geological data captured so that geologists and engineers can spend less time acquiring data and more time interpreting it.
Ultimately making better and more informed decisions.

KORE Proof of Concept Study

Kore suggested a proof of concept study that would deploy, test and demonstrate the ability of KORE’s fully integrated system SPECTOR, aiming to achieve Goldcorp’s objective.

SPECTOR Optics validation and testing

  • Acquire over 25,000, of core imagery
  • Evaluate data quality and consistency
  • Reliability and durability of instrumentation
  • Speed, and productivity of data acquisition
  • Identify potential usability improvements
  • Assess optics design and image quality

Software validation and testing

  • Encrypted cloud data storage and management
  • Thoroughly test data acquisition software
  • Tested SPECTOR Geo application
  • Evaluate workflow improvements, quantify efficiency gains, time saved etc.

SPECTOR AI training and testing

  • Deploy AI to prepare and classify lithology and alteration from acquired image data
  • Compare and evaluate the correlation between AI predicted and manual interpretations


KORE Outcome

KORE provided 2 fully functioning prototypes, calibrated, tested and commissioned on site in Chile within 8 weeks ready for production to begin.

KORE achieved all task on time and on budget, logging the goal of 25,000m of core. SPECTOR scanned 1,000m in one day shift.

KORE AI automatically classified lithology at a rate of 91% accuracy.

Newmont Goldcorp’s $1 million investment in KORE has acted as a catalyst, accelerating their product development pipeline. The initial pilot of the hardware and machine learning software has shown good prediction of geological attributes and we look forward to KORE continuing to customize their product to support site-specific needs.

Erin Workman

Early Stage Study Director, Newmont Goldcorp

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Key Achievement

1,500m logging day!

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