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KORE GeoSystems is empowering geologists and mining professionals to extract more value from data, and use it to support the decision-making process across the mining industry. We are a technology company supporting the global Mining and Metals industry.


We support the collection and integration of geological data specifically tailored to meet the needs of mining professionals. We do this through intelligently designed integrated hardware and software solutions, powered by AI.


Our vision is to leverage technology and innovation, using our geological experience, to lead mining into the future.



We are a team of professionals passionate about leveraging technology to improve decision-making across the mining process.


We partner with mining professionals, from field geologists to mine leadership, to provide consistent and accurate geological data and interpretation tools.


Our dream is to lead mining into the future, delivering technology to extract, process, and model geological data in real time.


Information technology is a profitable investment, for its amazing potential to boost productivity in companies of all sizes. It can also reduce costs and improve profitability. Our investors are some of the top players in Mining and Technology, supporting our development and growth.

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Founders have over 75+ years of combined experience in the Mining & Metals industry
Team of top AI engineers and software specialists, backed up by Geologists and Geophysicists
Working in core sheds, aiming to improve current Mining workflows and streamline processes
Core logging is transformed into consistent accurate data capture, improved workflow, removal of bottlenecks, and reduced cost.


We believe that people need people to thrive. We strive to be trusted partners, sharing the same goals across the mining ecosystem. We provide geological knowledge that allows our clients and partners to make timely decisions.


With a passionate team of well-rounded individuals, KORE is leading mining into the future. We are passionate innovators, engineers, product development experts, and geologists, building sophisticated, AI-centered technology solutions to revolutionize the mining industry. Our team has developed SPECTOR, our integrated solutions suite, to meet the specific needs of those responsible for collecting, managing, and using geological data.

Vince Gerrie
Vince Gerrie


Chris Drielsma
Chris Drielsma


Melanie Castonguy
Melanie Castonguay


Abshishek Goenka
Abhishek Goenka


Sebastian Goodfellow
Sebastian Goodfellow

Director, AI

Krishna Mullapudi
Krishna Mullapudi

VP, Software

Ryan Alexander
Ryan Alexander

Technical Lead

Aaron Maher
Aaron Maher

Director, APAC

Jamie Davie
Jamie Davie

VP, Sales

Jimmy Janash
Jimmy Janash

Business Development, Australia

Jimmy Janash
Paul Brown


Steve Reese
Steve Reese

Lead Geologist, Senior Technical Project Manager


Our goal at KORE is to continually improve and develop new solutions to improve the human experience in the core shack and mining premises. We do this by providing valuable tools and intuitive technology to streamline the core logging experience and extract more value from data.

If you are excited to contribute to a range of innovative projects for our clients in the mining industry, please apply to our job openings, or get in contact via recruitment@koregeosystems.com, with an updated CV and a brief message about your specialization and accomplishments. Our team is growing fast are we are looking for motivated and collaborative team members.