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With a passion to develop methods to avoid repetitive tasks KORE Geosystems strives to revolutionise the Core Shack. Our team of passionate innovators have first-hand industry experience. 

KORE is driven to lead mining into the future.

SPECTOR is a fully integrated system that improves consistency, quality and timeliness of geological data captured, so that geologists and engineers can spend less time acquiring data, and more time interpreting it. Giving businesses the ability to make more informed decisions, cutting time and costs.

The KORE instrumentation is only the beginning, there will be further features and key integration systems put in place as the year progresses, to ensure the system works best for your business. Allowing for more remote access to information, historical data entry and smooth transition to predictive software systems.



To bring mining out of the stone age and into the future, through the use of evidence-based research and disruptive technology.


KORE will continue to add value and revolutionise the industry by creating fully integrated systems that produce more accurate results faster.


The KORE team has a passion for developing user-centric technology that enhances your work experience.  


With a passionate team of well rounded individuals KORE works hard to change the future of mining.

Domain Experts

We understand the struggle of the current process, that’s why we are passionate about making a change. 

20+ Years 

We have been in the industry for 20+ years and understand the need for change. 

AI Engineers

AI isn’t just a buzz word to us, we know how it works and understands how it can help your business. 

Product Developers

A talented team of engineers, product development experts and designers that deliver user-centric products.

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